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The brief

Initially focused on branded apparel for the equestrian and racing markets, Watt to Wear had evolved, needing a new brand with a wider appeal. Prestige, quality, and excellence were words which described the brand's aspirations.

Our solution

After investigating a range of possible evolutions to their existing logo, our chosen route was a versatile, type-only solution. Set in Gill Sans, the logo has a classic British feel, and is made to measure for the upmarket apparel sector.

Completing the look, with fresh brand guidelines.

We revisited Watt to Wear's colour scheme and typography to ensure everything was in line with their new direction. Deep grey and white became the primary colour palette, with the brand's distinctive red as an accent colour. Royal blue and a racing green, plus a prestigious-feeling gold, were introduced as additional colours to offer flexibility. For the typography, we paired the sans serif Gill with a stylish serif, providing Watt to Wear with a rounded selection of fonts for use across a range of applications. 







Fully redesigned to be beautiful and responsive, Watt to Wear's new site features a brand-new CMS and reimagined catalogue. Their excellent imagery combined with the prestigious new identity reinforces trust in the brand across the site.

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Every aspect of the site is controllable from the new CMS, ensuring that keeping content relevant and engaging is easy.









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